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Liv Mircea is a songwriter, producer and podcast presenter based in the UK. His work includes three albums with his band, Ashes and Dreams, producing and presenting  The Dream House Podcast, his solo punk-rock-meets-metal project and producing Ashes and Dreams new rock project: Sunset Army.

He has worked and collaborated  with many artists and songwriters from Europe, US and Canada-especially singer/songwriter Lisa Saunders and UK singer/songwriter Joanne. The songs received global airplay on stations like Ocean Radio Chilled, Chilled Lounge Grooves, Stingray Digital satellite radio, CBC Radio and DJ Ampz' The Deep Chill, Frome FM.

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(Nuco Woods)"It opens up with cool punky guitars, which are joined by some vocals then continue under Liv’s intriguing vocal delivery through the verse. A wild guitar solo kicks in under the chorus vocals, then funky high-pitched vocals take over in an edgier verse. It’s an intense track with unrelenting punky guitars and driving drums under Liv’s engaging vocals. " 

- Rob Latham, GigRadar

Liv GigRadar.jpg

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet?


LM: “Punk rock. I don’t know. Being such an eclectic musician and with all of these zillion genres and subgenres …well, I think Nuco Woods – and more or less all the ARRANT MUCK project – has a bit of rock, punk and metal in it. A sweet old mess stained with contemporary jitters, a bygone noise splashed with pop pulses? Imagine an old punk exiting the facelift clinic.

“And finally, I have to quote a friend of mine: ‘Mate, this is a foursome marriage between Motorhead, Green Day, Misfits and Foo Fighters.’ Yeah, I wish.”


-from the GigRadar interview

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